Charlotte (Charlee Jonas) Neubauer
January 29th 1907 - September 5th 1991

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Charlotte at Rabindrath Tagore's ashram, India 1930-1933

Charlotte (Charlee) Jonas was born in 1907 in Berlin, Germany. Her parents were Adolf Jonas and Selma Jacob. They had three children, Richard (Rico), Ilse and Charlotte.
Selma died of tuberculosis in 1914 and Adolf married his long time bookkeeper, Agnes (Fritzen). Through the years, the family lived in Berlin; St. Gallen,
Switzerland; Madeira, Portugal and New York. Adolf was a successful businessman who imported and sold hand-made linens from the cottage industry on Madeira.

Charlotte got a Masters degree from one of Berlin's major art academies. Charlotte lived in India and Ceylon from 1930 to 1933.
She stayed on Rabindranath Tagore's ashram in Santiniketan for several months during this period. She also spent time with Gandhi
who gave her one of his hand loomed weavings. She painted at Tagore's ashram and may have begun her yoga studies there, the latter
of which she continued avidly for the rest of her life. Well into her 70's, she still practiced headstands daily. Tagore was also a painter
and may have influenced Charlee's work or vice versa. There are some remarkable similarities in their styles. He established
a painting school for girls on his ashram and is still regarded by many Indians as India's greatest novelist and poet.

Beginning in 1941, Charlee made a complete change of mediums from painting to ceramic sculpture, never to return to the former.
In 1941 Charlee married Dr. Walter Neubauer in N.Y. Walter Neubauer left Hamburg, Germany in 1933 to do ovarian cancer research in Shanghai, China,
until 1938 at which time he emigrated to New York City. Charlee and Walter had a son they named Frank. Walter was the delivery doctor for his son, Frank
and also for his sister Elizabeth's daughter, Carmen and for Carmen's two children, George and Julie.


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